Travelers — directly and through the Travelers Foundation — has provided more than $218 million in gifts to local communities over the past decade, focused on supporting academic and career success, developing thriving neighborhoods and creating culturally enriched communities. Our giving, along with our extensive volunteer efforts, assist our ability to deliver sustained value for all stakeholders.


At Travelers, we understand that we can only thrive as a business enterprise if our economy — and by extension our communities — thrive too. We believe that strong communities are sustained by educational and economic opportunities, and we are dedicated to assisting our communities in generating those opportunities. Our community initiatives are also designed to enhance employee engagement and retention by providing volunteer and matching gift programs.

Travelers provides community support both directly and through the Travelers Foundation, the company’s philanthropic arm. The Travelers Foundation Board of Directors provides oversight of the Foundation’s strategy, priorities and activities. Community Relations department personnel meet regularly with the Foundation’s Board, comprised primarily of senior leaders from our Management and Operating Committees. The Travelers Community Relations department also reports annually to the Nominating and Governance Committee of the Travelers Board of Directors. Travelers and the Travelers Foundation publicly disclose detailed lists of charitable giving as well as community reports to highlight our accomplishments and progress.

Our Giving Priorities

With a focus on equity and inclusion, we target our giving and volunteerism priorities to help improve academic and career success, develop thriving neighborhoods and create culturally enriched communities.

  • Academic & Career Success: Travelers supports initiatives that improve academic and career success for underrepresented youth, which help address community and corporate needs for a skilled workforce, sustained economies and a better quality of life. Travelers, directly and through the Travelers Foundation, has provided more than $88 million since 2009 to help foster academic success, increase career preparedness and reduce barriers to higher education. Programs such as Travelers EDGE® (Empowering Dreams for Graduation and Employment) are helping to strengthen our communities and build a robust and diverse talent pipeline for Travelers for the future.
  • Thriving Neighborhoods: Travelers fosters thriving neighborhoods through neighborhood economic development and community-building services to help individuals, families and small businesses understand and mitigate risks, stay safe and prepare for disasters. This includes programs such as the Small Business Risk Education (SBRE) program, our work with Habitat for Humanity® fortifying homes and our support of nonprofits that are building strong, resilient communities.
  • Culturally Enriched Communities: Travelers supports organizations that enrich lives through arts and culture, both as a lever for academic improvement and to ensure vital communities with a high quality of life where our employees live and work.

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Employee Volunteerism & Giving

We take pride in empowering our employees to have a positive impact on their communities by serving others. As community leaders, Travelers employees are more than strong corporate citizens — they are valuable assets to the communities in which they live and work. Year after year, our employees’ efforts to give back to the communities we call home is truly remarkable, and 2018 was no exception. Our employees collectively logged more than 120,000 volunteer hours in 2018, and over the past decade, they have recorded more than 700,000 hours. These hours include time spent volunteering for both company-sponsored events, like the Travelers Championship® golf tournament for which more than 2,200 employees volunteered in 2018, and employee-selected organizations.

We hear from our employees how giving back — both financially and with their time and talents — is personally rewarding, drives engagement and morale and strengthens their commitment to our company’s mission. And we see how community involvement — whether by leading a team volunteer project, coordinating an event for a local nonprofit or serving on a charity’s board of directors — helps our employees develop as professionals, building competencies that we value in the Travelers workforce.

Travelers maintains both a matching gift program and a volunteer grants program to encourage employees in their efforts.

Community Connections Matching Gifts Program
Travelers amplifies our employees’ generosity with the Travelers Community Connections program. From 2009–2018, Travelers matched our employees’ gifts of time and money with $15.6 million in matching funds. The program offers an annual Cash Match of up to $500 per employee, which includes donations made during our annual employee giving campaign. We reward volunteerism with our Volunteer Match program, which provides a $500 grant to eligible nonprofit organizations for every 24 hours an employee volunteers at the same organization. Employees may earn up to two $500 grants per year. We also provide incremental rewards (up to a $50 gift card to for logging hours on our Community Connections intranet site.

In addition, we offer an annual Community Connections Campaign, which encourages employee giving through fundraising events and payroll deduction. During the 2018 campaign, employees raised more than $4.5 million for our local communities. 

Travelers Community Connections Team Volunteer Grants
The Travelers Community Connections field office volunteer grant program encourages and supports volunteer work at our offices across the United States by letting our employees and teams request grants of up to $15,000 to support local schools and nonprofit organizations. In 2018, 33 organizations in 18 field offices received more than $398,000 through this program, not counting 51 Habitat for Humanity® build days in the United States and Canada we supported with more than $527,000 in grant funding. As demonstrated below, this program adds up to millions of dollars in assistance for the communities we call home.

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