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Distracted Driving — Every Second MattersSM

The Travelers Institute, the public policy division of Travelers, launched the Every Second MattersSM education campaign in 2017 to help combat distracted driving. That year, more than 37,000 people died on U.S. roads, and it marked the end of a two-year period (2014–2016) that saw the highest rate increase in traffic fatalities in more than 50 years.1 As an industry leader with extensive claim insights into auto collision trends, Travelers decided to take a leadership role in addressing distracted driving.

The Every Second Matters campaign recognizes that every driver, passenger, cyclist and pedestrian has a role to play in combatting distraction — such as texting while driving — and enhancing roadway safety. The initiative stands on three key principles:

  • Creating a social stigma so drivers feel embarrassed to drive distracted;
  • Increasing understanding about situational awareness by all roadway users, including elevating the conversation about pedestrian and cyclist safety; and
  • Examining scalable technology and insurtech solutions.

The campaign explores the latest approaches to help combat distracted driving, including how technology, which often contributes to distraction, can offer solutions to reduce distracted driving. In engaging thousands of people in this campaign, we are hoping it will convince people to put down their phones while driving. If it saves even one life, it’ll have been worth the effort.

Key Activities

  • Symposium Series: The Travelers Institute held nearly 40 events in the first year of the campaign, engaging a variety of policymakers, researchers, students, independent insurance agents and others. Speakers have included representatives from the State of Georgia’s Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and the National Safety Council and Travelers employees, including our internal network of veterans to discuss lessons about situational awareness. View events here
  • Cross-Sector Collaboration: Technology firms, universities, research centers, nonprofits, industry groups, student organizations and others have joined forces to explore cross-sector synergies to mitigate distracted driving risk. The Travelers Institute also works closely with the National Safety Council and is a member of the Road to Zero Coalition, a cross-sector initiative working to eliminate roadway deaths. View collaborations here
  • Incentivizing Safe Behavior: IntelliDrive® is a 90-day driving program for Travelers customers that uses a smartphone app to capture data and score how safely they drive. Customers who enroll could save up to 20% on their policy.
  • Employer Engagement: Every Second MattersSM challenges employers and employees to elevate distracted driving prevention within their organizations, discussing strategies for creating a culture of safety in the workplace. Travelers Risk Control also advises Travelers customers with regard to strategies to prevent distracted driving. Learn more
  • Employee Engagement: Consistent with the Every Second Matters platform, Travelers has an internal Driver Safety policy to help maintain the safety of Travelers employees who drive for Travelers, as well as a policy regarding Driving and the Use of Mobile Technology. These policies are supported and regularly communicated by Travelers senior leadership to remind employees that their safety while driving is of paramount importance.
  • Agent and Broker Engagement: Our company’s network of 13,500 independent agents and brokers see the consequences of distracted driving with customers every day. Travelers offers resources to help them facilitate conversations with personal and business insurance customers to create safer roadways for all. Agents and broker associations are also taking a leadership role in hosting university education programs partnered with the Travelers Institute.
  • Student Engagement: The Travelers Institute is engaging with future risk management and insurance leaders on campuses across the United States and Canada to look at distracted driving as an important industry issue and an opportunity for innovation. Programming at universities of all sizes simultaneously helps increase visibility for Travelers and attract talent; programs have been held at Harvard University, St. John’s University, the University of Connecticut and the University of Pennsylvania, among others.

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