Key Initiative

Investment In Kittyhawk

Enhancing Our Drone Program

In 2018, Travelers made a strategic investment in Kittyhawk, the market leader in enterprise drone operations software and an organization with which we had been partnering closely for some time. The investment further enhances our position as an industry leader in the use of drone technology.

We began using drones in 2016 to inspect roofs of residential and commercial properties in everyday claim situations, as well as in response to catastrophes — enhancing the customer experience by expediting inspection, payment and repair while improving the safety of our Claim and Risk Control professionals by reducing the need to climb roofs and enter potentially hazardous areas.

Today, we are one of the largest commercial users of drones with about 650 FAA-certified drone pilots and 20,000 completed flights in 2018. As our drone program has grown, so too has the task of managing compliance and safety requirements, as well as the opportunity to leverage the data we gain. Kittyhawk has supported the growth of our drone operation by streamlining the data, hardware and software into one single system of record.