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Insuring Autonomy — Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are a growing presence on American roadways, and with them come several significant public policy questions and challenges. It will be important to address a world of increasing AVs in a comprehensive manner that spurs innovation, increases public safety, provides peace of mind and protects drivers and consumers. We have an enterprise working group dedicated to monitoring and assessing the potential impacts of autonomous vehicles across our business units.

In July 2018, the Travelers Institute released a white paper titled Insuring Autonomy: How auto insurance can adapt to changing risks, which offers our company’s perspective and recommendations on important public policy issues relating to autonomous vehicles. Travelers believes that auto insurance can, and will, meet society’s needs in an AV world by continuing to compensate affected consumers with speed, fairness and efficiency.

Travelers experts also regularly speak in public forums about autonomous vehicles and the related insurance implications. Discussion of autonomous vehicles is also incorporated into the Every Second MattersSM symposia, exploring how the advent of autonomous technologies impacts driver distraction.

We look forward to working with policymakers and other stakeholders to develop AV insurance policy and regulations that make sense for and benefit this growing industry and our consumers.

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