Key Initiative

Quantum Home 2.0®

Simplifying the Customer Experience

In 2017, Travelers launched Quantum Home 2.0®, an enhanced homeowners insurance product with tailored pricing and more flexible coverage options, all on simpler policy documents that help customers better understand their insurance. Travelers offers Quantum Home 2.0 through an updated platform that allows agents to provide greater customization, requires fewer steps to complete a quote and enables simplified customer communications. This tool increases efficiency for agents while helping them to deliver better service and drive new business. It also provides customers with the flexibility to scale up or down the typical base coverages in a policy and the ability to easily add bundled options to meet their individual needs. And, with our new visual coverage summary and soon-to-be-released online self-service tools, we offer customers the transparency and tools to more easily understand and evaluate their coverage.

Quantum Home 2.0 includes features such as:

  • Decreasing Deductible® and loss-forgiveness options that recognize customers for
    their loyalty;
  • New discounts for customers who pay on time and for those with smart-home protective technology, including fire, burglar and water alarms;
  • An enhanced water package that can cover sewer backups and hidden water
    damage; and
  • Equipment breakdown coverage for appliances, water heaters, etc.

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