Key Initiative

Claim University

Training World-Class Claim Professionals

Travelers Claim University, our state-of-the-art training and professional development facility, provides technical training as well as leadership development to approximately 12,000 Claim employees. Opened in 2007, it is a symbol of our commitment to our employees and our customers.

Claim University provides rigorous onboarding and hands-on training to our Claim professionals to make sure they are equipped to provide knowledgeable, empathetic and efficient claim service to our customers. It offers a variety of teaching methods — traditional and online classrooms, hands-on experience in auto and property labs and through digital media.

The 175,000-square-foot facility contains automobiles and heavy equipment such as cranes, backhoes and bulldozers. It also contains two fully furnished homes, building mechanical systems and a medical lab. All these resources teach our Claim professionals how to efficiently identify damage and accurately estimate the cost of repairs. Claim University uses a centralized approach to developing training that allows our Claim employees from all over the world to develop new skills and expand on existing skills.