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Travelers commits to constructive participation in the public policy dialogue around issues core to our business and on behalf of our customers, our agents and brokers and the communities we serve. Through the Travelers Institute®, our public policy division, we engage with policymakers and thought leaders to help address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s needs.


Travelers established the Travelers Institute in 2009 as a means of participating in the public policy dialogue on matters of interest to the property casualty insurance sector, as well as the financial services industry more broadly. The Travelers Institute draws upon the industry expertise of Travelers senior management and the technical expertise of its risk professionals, as well as other experts, to provide information, analysis and recommendations to public policymakers and regulators. The Executive Vice President of Public Policy is the President of the Travelers Institute and a member of our Management and Operating Committees; she reports on an annual basis to the Board.

The Travelers Institute’s public policy priorities are set by our Board and senior business leaders, who ensure that the Institute’s initiatives align with the company’s business strategy and drivers of sustained value and have the greatest impact in the communities in which we live and work. Our current priorities are presented in detail on the Travelers Institute website and include:

Stakeholder Engagement & Strategic Relationships

The Travelers Institute regularly engages with policymakers, business leaders, researchers, students, civic organizations, advocacy groups and others to examine solutions to the challenges facing communities and businesses today. Through educational symposia, strategic coalitions, conferences, publications and other activities, the Travelers Institute helps further dialogue on a variety of important public policy issues, including those outlined under Approach. These cross-sector collaborations help drive informed discussion and demonstrate our willingness and ability to thoughtfully provide industry leadership.

Collaboration across federal, state and local government is core to the Travelers Institute mission. Travelers Institute programming has featured representatives from various state Departments of Insurance, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, several regional Federal Reserve Banks, the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Small Business Administration, among others. The programs offer critical education about selected public policy topics and provide a platform for government agencies to share and promote resources.

The Travelers Institute’s programming not only fills an important role in the public policy dialogue but also enhances our relationships with our customers, independent insurance agents, state regulators and the public. In particular, Travelers Institute educational programming offers unique value to our network of 13,500 agent and broker partners, providing a distinguished thought leadership platform. Over the past 10 years, the Travelers Institute has hosted hundreds of events in collaboration with agents and brokers, enhancing these relationships while providing education and risk mitigation strategies to thousands of consumers. Programming leverages agents’ knowledge of how issues such as cybersecurity, distracted driving and natural disasters directly affect families, businesses and communities. Agencies and agent associations regularly co-host programs, invite customers and provide expert speakers, leveraging their risk management expertise and reinforcing their value as trusted advisors for critical insurance decisions. In addition, the Travelers Institute offers presentations on the economic outlook and political landscape at agent conferences and events, and provides educational content, including publications, social media campaigns and videos, for agents and brokers to share with clients. These programs are a great example of how our efforts to strengthen our communities also enhance our relationships with our agent and broker partnerships and contribute to our bottom line.

Political Process Commitments & Contributions

In addition to the Travelers Institute activities, Travelers directly engages with members of Congress and the Administration on proposed legislation through the Travelers Government Relations team.

Travelers is committed to participation in the political process in a thoughtful and responsible manner, consistent with the company’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and in compliance with all applicable legal requirements. Our policy titled Commitment to Participation in the Political Process, which has been approved by our senior management, outlines our approach to participation in the political process and discusses Board and management oversight of such participation. We also issue semiannual political contributions reports in addition to federal and state lobbying reports in accordance with applicable laws.

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